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Welcome to Jr Team Golf

Jr Team Golf  was created by Gregor Meyer in 2008. Gregor Meyer is the owner of Pine Creek Golf Center and the League Director and Head Coach for Jr Team Golf. “Having two young kids of my own and being in the golf business for many years, I learned that kids don’t relate very well to golf through the game their parents play or what they see on TV. I wanted to get kids excited about playing golf and in 2008, I decided to create Jr Team Golf.”

With Jr Team Golf, I want to give our players access to training with other kids, top-level PGA and LPGA Professional instruction, and get them onto the golf course in a friendly but competitive environment that will motivate them and help them discover the joy of striving to improve and their own path to success. 

Golf is a sport your kids can enjoy their entire life and Jr Team Golf is a great way to get them excited about the game and improving their skills!

I have learned a simple but effective formula to get kids excited about golf …

Kids need to golf with other kids!

At Jr Team Golf, our program starts with Training. It is best when kids are learning side by side other kids their own age. They relate to the game better, their competitive instincts blossom, their desire to improve starts to build, and their focus and effort improves. I love to watch 8 year olds battling it out during our skills tests on the practice tee or putting green!

Jr Team Golf provides our players with PGA and LPGA Professional Instruction so they can experience the excitement of learning new skills and improving. Golf can be a frustrating game to learn. It is critically important that our players have expert advice and guidance to help them succeed at improving.

And finally, Jr Team Golf has fun team Competitions each week so our players can test themselves on the golf course and experience the joy of the game and playing with friends. Many parents are worried their player is not ready for the course but the course is where the love for the game blossoms and friendships are struck. Our Tee placement is properly scaled for each age group and we have a stroke limit so play moves along. This gives young players and beginners the opportunity to enjoy the game and the camaraderie. My motto is “ready or not” lets go play!

It is my hope that Jr Team Golf will help parents introduce golf to their kids, teach them the skills they need to succeed, and be the start of many lifelong friendships and golfing experiences that will enrich their lives.


Golf is a great game for kids!

Coach Meyer explains

As a youngster, I was not the fastest, biggest, or strongest kid in the neighborhood. Other kids were more gifted and I felt that many sports were passing me by. I was frustrated.

I was 9 years old when things changed. We took a family trip to Hilton Head in 1969 and were joined by our neighbors. Their son was my best friend and sports rivals. He was taller and stronger and he was better at football, basketball, and baseball. On this trip, I was determined to beat him at golf. We played a little Par 3 course in the wetlands of early Hilton Head and had a great match but I lost…again! It was a turning point for me. I drew my line in the sand.

When we returned from that trip, I asked my parents if I could take golf lessons. Our family were members of the Pittsburgh Field Club and Mr. Pete Snead of the famous Snead golfing family was the PFC Head Professional. Pete took me under his wing under gave me a solid understanding of the fundamental of golf. He also made sure I understood that it would take effort and focus to develop my skills. Having Pete Snead as a mentor was a true blessing in my life!

However, I have come to recognize that golf lessons from an experienced professional are not enough to transform youthful potential into success. In addition to Mr. Snead’s mentoring, there were a bunch of good young players at the PFC. I was the youngest and had to catch up. Every day we would compete against each other on the range, on the putting green, and on the course for nickels, dimes and quarters. Competing with other kids motivated me. I learned to set goals, focus, train and play hard. I had to learn to discipline my mind and overcome frustration and setbacks and keep going. But most importantly, Pete made sure that as we all struggled to improve, we were having fun. I lost a lot of soda money competing against those boys but those experiences taught me a lot about the joy of striving to improve and what it takes to succeed in life.

Giving kids access to that same kind of opportunity is my dream for Jr Team Golf. I have young kids and I see how some sports pass kids by because they have not developed physically as fast as other kids. I also see how difficult it is for parents who want their kids to develop an interest in golf and a skill for the game.

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