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JTG Training

Jr Team Golf Training Program

Each week, our players and instructors meet for a 90 minute training session. Each session begins with a theme which is incorporated into their golf training.

Below are a sampling of themes we have used:

  • Athletic – learning to use strength, speed, and balance for golfing skills.
  • Focus – learning to pay particular attention
  • Determination – firmness of purpose or resolution
  • Perseverance – steady action over time despite difficulties or setbacks.
  • Sportsmanship – Basic rules and etiquette of the game plus being fair, truthful, and acting as a gentlemen or lady. 
  • Fun – learning to experience the joy of the challenge.                         

Following a brief discussion, we organize the players and begin training.

Physical Training: Covers all aspects of the game.

  • The Power Game-learning to strike the ball with power and consistency.
  • The Approach-learning to control the golf ball for distance, direction, and spin.
  • Short Game-learning to pitch, chip, and putt the ball into the hole.

Whether a player is a beginner or advanced our physical training always revolves around each players proper application of the “fundamentals” which include:

  • The Grip
  • The Setup
  • The Turn
  • The Strike
  • The Finish

With young players, it is vital to give them time and swings to work on these fundamentals-this is why I think Group Training is better for young players. Each player must be given time and swings to develop their own thumbprint within these fundamentals.

Young players will hit a lot of funny looking shots and the last thing they need is to be corrected on every swing! I want them to learn to swing with strength, rhythm, balance, and confidence but it takes time and patience.

There is no perfect swing- all the great players apply the fundamentals but they all have their own unique swing thumbprint.

During our training sessions, the players will work on their technique, practice shot-making skills, and refine their application of the fundamentals during fun competitions. Our  professional staff  will guide them so they become more effective and more consistent.

Our goal for each player is to help them understand the fundamentals of proper golf technique and incorporate and refine those fundamentals into their game.

I want them to take ownership of their game and develop confidence in their abilities.


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