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JTG Competitions

JTG conducts weekly 9-Hole competitions for its players at Clover Hill Golf Course.

The tournaments are held each Saturday of the season generally starting at 10am.


Tournament Info

JTG tournaments are held on Saturdays at Clover Hill GC. Tee times begin at 10am.

Weekly Competition Availability

Each week, our registered players parents will receive an email regarding their “Availability” for the upcoming Saturday Competition. Replies must be emailed by Wednesday so that tee times can be arranged. On the Thursday prior to the tournament – each player is notified by email of his/her tee time, their pairing, and the type of competition. 

Day of Competition

Players are expected to check in at the Pro Shop 15 minutes prior to their tee time.

Greens fees are not included in the JTG fee and players must pay their greens fee to the Pro Shop (2022 – $12 per player).

Rained out competitions will be rescheduled.

Players should be prepared to play when their time is called. They should have proper attire for the conditions, their golf clubs and golf balls ready, a wet club towel, bottle of water, and if conditions merit-sunscreen.

Players are expected to act as Ladies and Gentlemen and be respectful of Pro Shop and JTG personnel, other players, and the golf course. No yelling or swearing. No throwing clubs. Any disputes regarding rules or score will be directed to the team captain and if a problem cannot be resolved, it will be discussed and settled at the scorers table by the JTG Scoring Official.

JTG Specific Rules

Players will be assigned an Age appropriate and skill appropriate tee location.

On Par 4’s – Maximum score is 8. If a player has not reached the green in 5 shots, they are to pick up their ball and place it on the front of the putting green and putt till they have holed the ball or hit 8.

On Par 3’s – Maximum score is 6. If a player has not reached the green in 3 shots, they are to pick up their ball and place it on the front of the putting green and putt till they have holed the ball or hit 6.

Balls lost, Out of bounds, or in water. Players are directed to place a ball near where they lost the ball or where it went out of bounds in a position in the grass from which they can advance the ball towards to hole. Penalty – One Stroke

Players Age 7-8. Play 7 hole matches.

Special tees will be assigned. Players are to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will act as their caddy by assisting with clubs, directing their player to the proper teeing area, and guidance as needed on scorekeeping, pace of play, rules, and etiquette.

*Please Note – We ask parents to please keep the “swing advice” to the bare minimum. During training we have some simple code words that I encourage the parents to repeat when help is needed – Examples- “Show me a good 1-2-3”,  “Pick your target – stick your finish”. I am always available to help advise parents on how to communicate with their player effectively!

Even at a young age, our goal is to have our players take responsibility for their own actions and outcomes. When well meaning parents provide a lot of detailed swing coaching to their young player during the game, things will still go wrong and the player tends to show frustration and blame the parent for the outcome. It can also distract the player from enjoying the camaraderie of their playing partners.

Remember…What may look like a poor shot to a parent may be perfectly ok to a 7 year old! All players struggle and from these struggles they will learn and take pride in their improvement.

Players Age 9. May have a guardian-caddy assist or not as the player and their parents prefer.

Players Age 10 and up. Unless there are special circumstances approved by the League Director, Players age 10 and up must carry their own clubs and are responsible for their actions on the golf course. Parents may observe from a distance but are not allowed to coach or advise during the course of the competition.

Among the players, a captain will appointed for each group. The captain will be responsible for scorekeeping and encouraging fellow players to maintain proper pace of play and maintenance of the golf course.

At the completion of the round, all player must report to the scorers table, sign the scorecard and their score will be posted to the Scoreboard. In the event of a tie, the winner will be determined by a putt off on the practice putting green. If all players are not available, the winner will be determined by a matching of cards starting from the final hole and going backwards.

Final results of the competition will be posted to the website on the JTG News page and pictures will be posted on the Jr Team Golf Facebook page.

Prizes will be presented to the winners at the following weeks competition.

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