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Jr Team Golf – July 30, 2016 Results

Our final competition of the Summer Program- the 2016 Summer Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Played on a cloudy rainy day that unfortunately cut short the competition for some of our competitors. Thanks to everyone for coming out on a sketchy day and doing your best under the circumstances!
The Training theme this week was “Enthusiasm – intense and eager interest in an activity or pursuit. We discussed the importance of enthusiasm and asking questions.
Congratulations to all our players today for the enthusiasm they have shown for golf during our competitions and training. It has been our privilege and joy to help them develop as young people, athletes, and golfers!

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Jr Team Golf
Summer Invitational
Chapman Alternate Shot
Division Last First Guest Age Tee Time Score
Palmer Mole Eric Carolyn Mole 14 900 26
Palmer Smith Ryan Jeff Smith 16 905 26
Nicklaus Fester Alex Rob Fester 12 905 26
Palmer Shaffer Luca Arthur Jeanfils 13 910 19
Palmer DiBiasi Noah Ben Bjorkman 14 910 26
Nicklaus Fitzgerald Dylan Rob Fitzgerald 12 920 20
Watson Sosso Nick Scott Sosso 11 920 19
Watson Sigmund Corey Jen Sigmund 11 930 20
Watson Sigmund Paige Mark Sigmund 10 930 38
Nicklaus Hai Sissi Justin Hai 12 940 26
Watson Poirier David Isaiah Evans 10 940 23
Nicklaus Pazin Jason George Pazin 12 950 24
Watson Gunther Lucas Don Gunther 10 950 26
Watson Papa Grady Douglas Papa 10 1000
Spieth Salvi Harrison Vince Salvi 9 1010
Spieth Johnston Nick Nicholas Johnston 8 1010
Spieth Kandravy Ben PJ Kandravy 8 1020 17
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