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Jr Team Golf – July 6, 2019 Results and Pics

Final competition of the 2019 Summer Program – The JTG Summer Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot Low Gross by Division. Training theme this week was “Fun” – something which provides joy or amusement. We discussed the joy one feels when taking on a difficult challenge and doing your best and sometimes conquering the challenge! In golf I like to call it “moments of greatness!”

Congratulations to all our players for having “Fun” at today’s competition! And a special thank you to everyone who participated in this season and making it all possible for their young golfer!!!

Click Here for Pics


Jr Team Golf 07/06/19          
Summer Invitational            
Chapman Alternate Shot            
Low Gross by Division            
Division Last First S Age Guest Score
Hogan Iams Emily f 10 Craig Gob 43
Hogan Roth Carson m 11 Mitch Roth 45
Hogan Johnston Nicholas m 11 Nick Johnston 47
Hogan Iams Ben m 11 Jonathan Iams 58
Jones Fester Alex m 15 Rob Fester 39
Jones Masciantonio Blaise m 14 Brian Kragler 40
Jones Masciantonio Lisa m 14 Brock Kragler 45
Jones Olson Jarod m 14 Timothy Osche 46
Jones Sheets Benjamin m 14   50
Nelson Rockacy Alden m 10 Jeff Rockacy 39
Nelson Drahnak Clara f 9 Gwen Drahnak 43
Nelson Holmes Joseph m 8 John Hadkiss 49
Palmer (7 Holes) Mehta Anjali f 8 Anurag Mehta 26
Palmer (7 Holes) Kane Morgan f 8 Mort Stanfield 31
Palmer (7 Holes) Fouron Noelle f 9 Val Fouron 32
Palmer (7 Holes) Dunaway Blake m 7 Todd Dunaway 38
Palmer (7 Holes) Fouron Daniel m 6 Val Fouron 43
Palmer (7 Holes) Indof Liam m 7 Ryan Indof 45
Snead Rockacy Russell m 12 Doug Rockacy 35
Snead Perka Riley f 12 Greg Jacobs 37
Snead Katon Vaughn m 13 Mike Callas 42
Snead Ho Justin m 13 Bill Barnes 42
Snead Ha Christopher m 13 Ben Ha 46
Snead Stoufflet Scott m 12 Scott Stoufflet 49
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