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Jr Team Golf – July 8, 2017 Results

Our final event of the 2017 Summer Program – The 2017 JTG Summer Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot Low Gross by Division. Our Training theme this week was “Confidence” – a feeling of self-assurance arising from the development of one’s own abilities or qualities.

Congratulations to all our players for their efforts at developing their golfing abilities and the confidence in those abilities that they displayed today. Its a challenging and never ending battle!!!

And once again, thanks to the parents for supporting your players interest in golf. Its a great game and can provide a lifetime of challenging fun and camaraderie!

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Jr Team Golf            
2017 Summer Invitational            
Chapman Alternate Shot            
Division Last First Guest S Age Score
Kang Drahnak Clara Robert f 7 47
Kang Clutter Preston Floyd m 7 52
Kang Havrilla Anna Jo Laura Havrilla f 7 56
Palmer Shaffer Luca Ron shaffer m 14 35
Palmer Fester Alex Rob Fester m 13 38
Palmer Ni Andrew Justin Hai m 13 44
Palmer McKissock Grant David McKissock m 12 46
Palmer Sheets Benjamin Christina Sheets m 12 48
Spieth Jones Patrick Robbie  Jones m 11 42
Spieth Kelley Ezra Shane Kelley m 11 54
Spieth Siddons Jake Rowan Gladwin m 11 54
Spieth McCloskey Danny Anna Yourish m 11 59
Spieth Poirier David Isaiah Evans m 11 65
Wie Drahnak Erin Gwen f 12 35
Wie Clutter Carolyn Floyd f 10 49
Wie Golick Michaela Valerie Golick f 13 63
Watson Taylor Benjamin Cory Taylor m 9 42
Watson Johnston Nicholas Ken Johnston m 9 44
Watson Hoffer Blake Dan Hoffer m 9 50
Watson Roth Carson Mitch Roth m 9 51
Watson Nee Ava Laura Nee f 9 52
Woods Porwal Neil Hermant Porwal m 10 36
Woods Jones Lydia Chris Jones f 10 39
Woods Rockacy Russell Doug Rockacy m 10 39
Woods Young Zack Chris Young m 10 42
Woods Roth Andrew Jeff Roth m 10 43
Woods Salvi Harrison Vince Salvi m 10 43
Woods Larsen Charlie Gino Christoforetti m 10 52
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