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Jr Team Golf – May 11, 2019 Results and Pics

The 5th and final competition of the 2019 Spring Program – The JTG Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Training theme this week was “Responsibility” – having the power to make decisions and accepting the results.

Congratulations to all our players for taking “Responsibility” for their game and enjoying the competition with their partner. We had friends, dads, moms, grand-moms, granddads, and relatives all participating. I like to say friends and family that play together, stay together!

Thanks to all our players and their supporters who make it all possible!!! It has been mine and my staff’s privilege to help these young men and women on their journey.

Click Here for Pics

Jr Team Golf            
Spring Invitational            
Chapman Alternate Shot            
Low Gross by Division            
Division Last First S Age Guest Score
Nicklaus Fester Alex m 15 Rob Fester 36
Nicklaus Sostmann Marc m 15 Stu Sostman 46
Nicklaus Carlson Michael m 15 Lloyd Carlson 50
Nicklaus Sostmann Noah m 15 Joe Horowitz 52
Palmer Quirke Calder m 13 Jeff Quirke 38
Palmer Rockacy Russell m 12 Doug Rockacy 39
Palmer Perez Ben m 12 Kevin Perez 43
Palmer Poirier David m 13 Leon Jiao 44
Palmer Ho Justin m 13 Bill Barnes 45
Palmer Zimmer James m 12 Brian Zimmer 45
Palmer Spino Anthony m 12 Adam Spino 47
Palmer Rendall Joshua m 13   48
Palmer McDonnell Davis m 13 David McDonnell 50
Palmer Malone Travis m 12 Ben Hallman 57
Palmer Ha Christopher m 13 Ben Ha 62
Spieth Rockacy Alden m 10 Jeff Rockacy 42
Spieth Fulmer Alexander m 10 Kevin Ryan 47
Spieth Zhang Alyssa f 9 Joanna Huang 48
Spieth Bartolowits Nathan m 10 Cody Meier 51
Spieth Murray Dylan m 9 Rob Hramika 51
Spieth English John m 9 Neil English 52
Thomas Gagliardino Will m 11 William Gagliardino 39
Thomas Shirk Caleb m 11 Diane Balliet 41
Thomas Johnston Nicholas m 11 Nick Johnston 47
Thomas Wetmore Charlie m 11 Bill McLaughlin 48
Thomas Hoffer Blake m 11 Dan Hoffer 50
Thomas Palmer Anderson m 11 Jay Palmer 52
Thomas Vogel Blake m 12 Brody Ray 63
Wie Jones Lydia f 12 Robby Jones 41
Wie Kim Grace f 15 Sungki Kim 42
Wie Billman Noel f 13 Brad Billman 45
Wie Schwartz Sienna f 12 Michael Schwartz 45
Wie Rygelski Lucy f 13 Grace Rygelski 49
Wie English Corin f 11 Annette English 51
Wie Double Rebecca f 13 Marjorie Kudes 55
Woods Duchi Luca m 7 Ryan Duchi 30
Woods Berkstresser Jack m 9 Brad Berkstresser 33
Woods Holmes Joseph m 8 John Hadkiss 41
Woods Rees Hugo m 7 David Rees 43
Woods Conlin DJ m 8 Rick Conlin 45


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