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Jr Team Golf – May 17, 2014 Results

Today was the 2014 Spring Invitational. Players invited guests to be their partner in Chapman Alternate Shot. We had parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and friends playing together. It was a cool windy cloudy sunny rainy and cold again…quite a day of fun and camaraderie on the golf course.

Our training theme this week was enthusiasm – a strong feeling of active interest in something that you like or enjoy. We talked about how to build enthusiasm by being positive, patient, and diligent about the effort to improve.

Congratulations to our players for doing their best to stay positive and patient with themselves and their diligent efforts to improve at a difficult game. They have shown great enthusiasm!

Below are the results of the days action.

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Jr Team Golf – May 17, 2014
Spring Invitational
Chapman Alternate Shot
Division Last First S Age Guest Score
Creamer Jennings Calli f 10 Neal Jennings 50
Creamer Drahnak Erin f 9 Robert Drahnak 51
Creamer Conroy Elizabeth f 10 Bill Conroy 68
Hogan Meredith Robby m 13 Rob Meredith 32
Hogan Meyer Gregor m 13 Ursula Meyer 37
Hogan Thiele Grant m 13 Elizabeth Hixson 40
Hogan Zurisko John m 13 Jim Zurisko 42
Hogan Stites Sam m 13 Geo Romeo 43
Hogan Bermudez Andres m 13 Francisca Bermudez 53
Hogan Cigna Zachary m 13 Tony Cigna 54
Hogan Stankovic Ryan m 13 Ed Stankovic 57
Nelson Farrell Joe m 11 Joe Farrell 31
Nelson Swanson RJ m 12 Rick Swanson 37
Nelson DiBiasi Noah m 12 Molly Durham 41
Nelson Greenberg Nathan m 11 Josh Bailey 42
Nelson Davies Kyle m 11 Beth Davies 43
Nelson Means Griffin m 12 Rob Means 45
Nelson Powell Ryan m 12 Steve Sekowski 45
Nelson Alexander Jackson m 12 Dean Pargeon 46
Nelson Clark Trevor m 11 Gregory Clark 48
Nelson Johnson Joe m 12 Randy Johnson 48
Nelson Johnson Luke m 11 Denis McCarthy 50
Nelson Bennett Coray m 11 64
Palmer Farrell Dave m 9 Joe Farrell 32
Palmer Fuhrer David m 8 David Fuhrer 34
Palmer Jones Patrick m 8 Chris Jones 37
Palmer Sosso Nicolas m 9 Scott Sosso 38
Palmer Sosso Luca m 8 David Graciano 39
Palmer Wang Colin m 8 Xin Wang 42
Palmer Pizon Ben m 10 Mike Mehalik 42
Palmer Bellisario Dominic m 9 Leonard Bellisario 43
Palmer Santucci Gennaro m 8 Jerry Santucci 49
Snead Fenton Connor m 15 Chris Fenton 37
Snead Drnevich Evan m 16 Dave Drnevich 38
Snead Abel Zack m 14 Matt Fuerst 46
Snead Penland Tommy m 14 Claude Penland 46
Snead Mouganis Manny m 14 Colin Witouski 52
Thompson Pizon Elizabeth f 6 Tony Pizon 50
Thompson Meyer Ursula f 15 Ella Demoise 52
Thompson Mouganis Leah f 9 Nicholas Mouganis 62
Wie Garcia-Tunon Nicole f 12 Alvaro Garcia-Tunon 37
Wie Yager Eras f 12 Robert Yager 37
Wie Rogers Julia f 15 Tim Rogers 37
Wie Holtz Emma f 12 Doug Holtz 50
Wie Bermudez Cristina f 14 Alyssa Lobb 52
Wie Mouganis Katie f 12 Victoria Witouski 57


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