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Jr Team Golf – May 28, 2016 Results

Our final event of the 2016 Spring Program – the JTG Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Played on a warm spring day.
Congratulations to all our participants this Memorial Day Weekend. We had parents, grandparents, and friends participating.

Thanks to all our players and their supporters for a great Spring season!

Hope to see you all back in the future!

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Jr Team Golf
Chapman Alternate Shot
Low Gross by Division
Division Last First S Age Guest Team Score
McIlroy Hai Sissi f 12 Luke Kim 42
McIlroy Conroy Elizabeth f 12 Hannah Conroy 45
McIlroy Fester Alex m 12 Rob Fester 46
McIlroy Shearer Jack m 12 JD Shearer 51
Nicklaus Hart Theo m 15 Don Hart 41
Nicklaus McCaffrey Cal m 15 Carl Good 42
Nicklaus Szelc Tyler m 15 David Consiglio 42
Nicklaus Garbutt Coleton m 14 Ron Garbutt 46
Palmer Quinn Zach m 16 Scott Quinn 37
Palmer Yager Eras f 16 Robert Yager 43
Palmer Penland Tom m 16 Claude Penland 56
Palmer Myers Mac m 17 Judy Grady 58
Snead Devita Gabby f 9 Jim Devita 46
Snead Taylor Benjamin m 8 Cory Taylor 50
Snead Donovan Trey m 8 George Donovan 51
Spieth Heininger Mason m 11 Jason Heininger 35
Spieth Mikus Ben m 11 Neil Mikus 44
Spieth Santucci Gennaro m 10 Jerry Santucci 47
Spieth Berry Ryan m 10 Dan Berry 50
Spieth Poirier David m 10 Isaiah Evans 61
Watson Piper Nick m 13 Tim Piper 36
Watson Duderstadt Tanner m 13 Jay Duderstadt 38
Watson Canovali Portland m 13 Peter Canovali 44
Watson Clark Trevor m 13 Greg Clark 51
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