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Jr Team Golf – October 19, 2013 – JTG Fall Invitational

Our 2013 JTG Fall Invitational. Chapman Alternate Shot. What a great day of golf! So proud of our players for their efforts and the way they conducted themselves today and all during the season. Also, a big thank you to all our guests today…Thanks so much for being a part of it!!!

Golf is a game to be enjoyed all your life and today we had friends playing with friends, kids playing with parents, and kids playing with grandparents. What other game can you do that…Love it!

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Jr Team Golf Fall Invitational
Chapman Alternate Shot
Division Last First S Age Guest Gross Score
Hogan Susnak Shane m 12 Steve Susnak 41
Hogan Vento Arnold m 12 Dave Vento 42
Hogan Earley James m 12 Jim Earley 43
Hogan Means Griffin m 12 Rob Means 43
Hogan Garbutt Coleton m 12 Ron Garbutt 46
Hogan Sperry Jake m 12 Jason Sperry 46
Hogan Urso Brevin m 12 Bill Urso 47
McIlroy Livingston Will m 11 Russell Livingston 34
McIlroy Davies Kyle m 11 Jeff Davies 36
McIlroy Swanson R.J. m 11 Jeff Korol 40
McIlroy Mattioli Matthew m 11 Greg Mattioli 43
McIlroy DiBiasi Noah m 11 Angelo DiBiasi 45
McIlroy Alexander Jackson m 11 Tom Scaff 47
Nelson Zurisko John m 13 Mitch Karaica 42
Nelson Penland Tommy m 13 Claude Penland 52
Nelson DelSignore Max m 13 Riley Conners 54
Nelson Stankovic Ryan m 13 Ed Stankovic 58
Nicklaus Fitzgerald Dylan m 9 Rob Fitzgerald 34
Nicklaus Bellisario Dominic m 9 Donald Loppnow 42
Nicklaus Pizon Ben m 9 Tony Pizon 49
Nicklaus Washabaugh Luke m 10 Nick Sweet 51
Nicklaus Greenberg Nathan m 10 Joe Greenberg 57
Palmer Fuhrer David m 7 Frank Fuhrer Jr 35
Palmer Santucci Gennaro m 8 Jerry Santucci 43
Palmer Sosso Nicolas m 8 Dan Sosso 43
Palmer Urling Alex m 8 Anne Urling 59
Snead Drnevich Evan m 15 Dave Drnevich 38
Snead Rotellini Gino m 15 Sam Rotellini 38
Snead Ingram Noah m 14 Jeff Ingram 40
Snead Grillo Noah m 15 John Grillo 43
Snead Boone Alexander m 15 Brian Conrad 44
Jr Team Golf
Chapman Alternate Shot
Wie Fuhrer Emma f 10 David Fuhrer 40
Wie Jennings Calli f 9 Neal Jennings 43
Wie Teets Isabella f 8 Robin Teets 49
Wie Kardos Lauren f 8 Tom Kardos 54
Creamer Garcia-Tunon Nicole f 12 Alvaro Garcia-Tunon 37
Creamer Lara Madison f 11 Brian Lara 40
Creamer Rogers Julia f 14 Tim Rogers 41
Creamer Meyer Ursula f 14 Alyssa Lobb 43
Creamer McKelvy Tatum f 12 Alexa Davis 58
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