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Jr Team Golf – October 24, 2015 Results

The final competition of the 2015 Fall Program – The JTG Invitational. Format – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Our final training theme was “Enthusiasm-having an intense interest, enjoyment or approval for something”.

At training I asked the kids – who would you hire for your company? Candidate #1 comes in for the interview and is very smart – a know it all. Candidate #2 comes in not sure if he has all the answers but is very excited and full of questions and interest and desire to help solve the problem. The kids all want to hire Candidate #2 – why? Enthusiasm! We then talk about how no one knows everything and the importance of asking questions and being interesed and excited about learning more whether its golf, school work, or someday a job.

Congratulations to all our players for their enthusiasm today and during all our training sessions and competitions. Their interest and excitement about golf and learning more is what makes it exciting and fun for me and my staff – Deb Constantin, Korre Madden, and Ken Pizzica.

Thanks to everyone for participating and supporting your player(s). Enjoy the winter and we hope to see you all again in the Spring!

Click Here for Pics of Today’s Competition


Jr Team Golf 10/24/15          
2015 Fall Invitational            
Chapman Alternate Shot            
Low Gross by Division            
Division Last First S Age Guest Score
Creamer Kardos Lauren f 10 Tom Kardos 38
Creamer Waskiewicz Joe m 10 Joe Waskiewicz 41
Creamer Futules Lily f 7 Nick Futules 43
Creamer Perka Riley f 8 Jim Perka 44
Creamer Demoise Ella f 9 David Demoise 47
Hogan Fitzgerald Dylan m 11 Rob Fitzgerald 38
Hogan Drahnak Erin f 11 Robert Drahnak 40
Hogan Mikus Ben m 11 Neil Mikus 41
Hogan Coulter Payton f 12 Richard Toth 46
McIlroy Meyer Gregor m 14 Ursula Meyer 31
McIlroy Quinn Zach m 14 Scott Quinn 35
McIlroy Zurisko John m 15 Jim Zurisko 37
McIlroy Duderstadt Tanner m 13 Jay Duderstadt 38
McIlroy Lara Madison f 13 Brian Lara 40
Palmer Fuhrer David m 9 Aidan Oehrle 35
Palmer Susnak Troy m 9 Steve Susnak 40
Palmer Brown Campbell m 7 Jason Brown 42
Palmer Quirke Calder m 9 Jeff Quirke 47
Palmer Meyers Paige f 9 Jessica Meyers 51
Palmer Santucci Gennaro m 9 Gerry Santucci 52
Spieth Norris Sam m 12 Bill Norris 34
Spieth Leppert Robert m 12 John Paul Walsh 34
Spieth Shaffer Luca m 12 Arthur Jeanfills 38
Spieth Piper Nick m 13 Frank Gigliotti 40
Spieth Pronio Eugene m 13 Joe Pronio 41
Watson Meyer Ursula f 16 Patrick Lawlor 35
Watson Myers Mac m 16 Natalie Welsh 36
Watson Boone Alexander m 17 Bradley Boone 44
Watson Penland Tommy m 15 Claude Penland 59
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