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JTG – Results – Summer Invitational – July 27, 2013

Chapman Alternate Shot. Low Gross by Division. Played on a cool cloudy summer day. At the midpoint the skies opened up soaking the players on the course and delaying the start for others. Despite the uncooperative skies, many of our participants carried on and after a bit the skies brightened as did the smiles on our players faces.

Congratulations to our players and many thanks to their guests for joining with us today.

This is our final event of the Summer 2013 Program. It has been a joy to work with this fine group of kids and their families. Thank you for supporting your players interest in the great sport of golf!


Jr Team Golf
2013 Summer Invitational
Division Last First S Age Guest Gross Score
Athletic Gibbs Nate m 9 Chris Gibbs 39
Athletic Drahnak Erin f 9 Robert Drahnak 45
Athletic Pizon Ben m 9 Tony Pizon 47
Athletic Lobb Anthony m 10 Alyssa Lobb 49
Athletic Sawyer Edie f 10 Dan Sawyer 50
Athletic Mouganis Nicholas m 10 Nick Pascarella 54
Athletic McGurrin Flynn m 9 Shawn McGurrin 57
Athletic Lauer Adam m 10 Logan Mitchell 62
Fun Gibbs Jesse m 7 Jerry Krauchak 40
Fun Sosso Nicolas m 8 Dan Sosso 46
Fun Santucci Gennaro m 7 Jerry Santucci 50
Fun Baumgartel Luke m 8 Alex Jablunovsky 58
Fun Urling Alex m 7 Anne Urling 59
Good Sport Friday Kristin f 12 Matt Friday 34
Good Sport Lauer Nicholas m 11 Gregor Meyer 35
Good Sport Schweitzer Zoe f 12 Bill Schweitzer 37
Good Sport Yager Eras f 12 Bob Yager 39
Good Sport Zurisko John m 12 Bob Mainwaring 40
Good Sport Gasper Jake m 12 Randy Stevens 41
Good Sport Mouganis Katie f 11 Eva Speicer 48
Good Sport Savin Jeff m 12 friend 51
Good Sport Manganaro Michael m 12 Colm O’Connor 55
Good Sport Rothermel Ryan m 12 Justin Koenig 56
Good Sport Felice Ryan m 12 Joe Felice DNF
Perseverant Hachmeister Andrew m 14 Casten Shimko 38
Perseverant Baker Cole m 14 Greg Davis 41
Perseverant Giunta John m 15 Jim Giunta 42
Perseverant Hartigan Mark m 14 Chris Hartigan 45
Perseverant Kaminsky Olivia f 13 Rich Kaminsky 47
Perseverant Myers Mac m 14 Judy Grady 49
Perseverant DelSignore Max m 13 Tristan Ascanio 51
Perseverant Drnevich Evan m 15 Noah Ingram 52
Perseverant Riggins Zachary m 13 Tyler Riggins 53
Perseverant Mouganis Manny m 13 Jake Kyriazis 56
Perseverant Minsky Luke m 13 Dan Minsky DNF
Perseverant Rogers Julia f 14 Tim Rogers DNF
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