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Jr Team Golf – April 14, 2018 Results and Pics

Our first competition of the Spring 2018 Program – Team Scramble – Low Gross by Division. Our Training theme this week was “Athletic” – learning to use speed, strength, and balance in the golfing motion. Congratulations to all our players for their efforts at using their athletic skills in this week’s competition!

And a special thanks to all our players and their supporters for joining our Spring Program and getting the players to training and our competitions!

Click Here for Pics

Jr Team Golf          
Team Scramble          
Low Gross by Division          
Division Last First S Age Team Score
Palmer Fester Alex m 14 36
  Hai Sissy f 14  
  McGurrin Flynn m 14  
  Cannanbilla Niyati f 13  
Palmer Meserve Haliegh f 14 34
  Rygelski Grace f 14  
  Jiao Leon m 13  
  Poirier David m 12  
Hogan Sostmann Marc m 14 38
  Rauenswinter Mark m 12  
  Rygelski Lucy f 12  
  Gunther Lucas m 11  
Hogan Laswell Dominic m 11 41
  Rockacy Russell m 11  
  Roth Andrew m 11  
  Vogel Blake m 11  
Snead Carr Andrew m 10 37
  Hoffer Blake m 10  
  Roth Carson m 10  
  Stover Benjamin m 10  
Snead Wright Carson m 10 44
  Iams Ben m 10  
  Johnston Nicholas m 10  
  Jennings Neal m 9  
Snead Carr Caroline f 8 42
  Hadley Jacob m 8  
  Haney Stella f 8  
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