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Jr Team Golf – September 30, 2017 Results

Today was the final competition of the Fall Program – The 2017 JTG Fall Invitational – Chapman Alternate Shot – Low Gross by Division. Played on a cool sometime cloudy sometimes sunny day.

Training theme this week was “fun” – something which gives joy, amusement, or pleasure. We discussed how accomplishing a difficult task gives one a sense of joy and related that to schoolwork and to golf and to fun. I like to say golf is about moments of greatness that are often sandwiched between moments of despair. Learn to crave those joyful moments!

Congratulations to all our players today – both are young JTG’ers and their guests for the fun they had today on the golf course!

It has been our pleasure helping these young men and ladies with their golf and we hope to see you all again in the future!

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Jr Team Golf            
2017 Fall Inviational            
Chapman Alternate Shot            
Division Last First S Age Guest Score
Creamer Norman Jena f 13 Jeff Norman 33
Creamer Drahnak Erin f 13 Gwen Drahnak 40
Creamer Kardos Lauren f 12 Rene Georgi 41
Creamer Kaslewicz Alaina f 14 Laurie Kaslewicz 56
Palmer Nee Ava f 10 Tom Nee 39
Palmer Rockacy Russell m 10 Doug Rockacy 41
Palmer Means Ava f 10 Frank Poerio 41
Palmer Perka Riley f 10 Jim Perka 43
Palmer Porwal Neil m 10 Hermant Porwal 43
Palmer Iams Ben m 10 Craig Gob 46
Snead Fitzgerald Dylan m 13 Rob Fitzgerald 30
Snead McTighe Teagan m 13 Shea McTighe 38
Snead Gibbs Nate m 14 Chris Gibbs 42
Snead Folan Declan m 15 Eamonn Folan 45
Snead McGurrin Flynn m 13 Shawn McGurrin 47
Snead Hogan Charlie m 13 Nolan Colinear 53
Snead Ezar Aiden m 12 James Tolman 53
Snead Settnek Braeden m 12 Joey O’Donnell 56
Spieth Frohlich Ryan m 11 Bill Frohlich 34
Spieth Quirke Calder m 11 Jeff Quirke 36
Spieth Gunther Lucas m 11 Don Gunther 43
Spieth Rendall Joshua m 11 Bruce Gold 43
Spieth Kelley Ezra m 11 Shane Kelley 64
Spieth Poirier David m 11 Isaiah Evans 66
Woods Suyama Rin m 8 Matthew Ruzomberka 34
Woods Means Zack m 8 Tom Tutchko 36
Woods Cardosi Anthony m 9 Andy Cardosi 36
Woods Drahnak Clara f 7 Robert Drahnak 58
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