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Jr Team Golf – August 8, 2015 Results

Today was the 2015 Summer Invitational. The format was Chapman Alternate Shot and it was played on a beautiful summer day. Our players guest’s included parents, grandparents, brothers, uncles, aunts, and friends. One of the great things about golf is that it is a game you can enjoy your whole life. I like to say family and friends that play together stay together and there is no finer game than golf to make that true.

Thanks to all our players and their guests for their efforts today and thanks to all our players and their supporters for a great season. It has been my pleasure and my staff’s pleasure to help your kids develop their skills at golf and I hope they continue to strive to improve and enjoy the game!

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Jr Team Golf
The Summer Invitational
Chapman Alternate Shot
Low Gross by Division
Division Last First Guest Score
Hogan Meyer Gregor Ursula Meyer 35
Hogan Consiglio David August Consiglio 39
Hogan Bott Dylan Thomas Bott 39
Hogan Myers Mac Alecia McKee 40
Hogan Maloney Eric Patrick Maloney 41
Hogan DiBiasi Noah Angelo DiBiasi 44
Hogan Cigna Zachary John Cigna 48
Hogan Felice Ryan Charlie Smith 51
Hogan Williams Mark Jordan Defibaugh 52
Mickelson Fitzgerald Dylan Rob Fitzgerald 34
Mickelson Mikus Ben Neil Mikus 38
Mickelson Fye Dhilan Guest 47
Mickelson Maddalon Connor Tyler Musto 52
Mickelson Friday Luke Jimmy Carmody 63
Palmer Jones Robby Bob Frantz 36
Palmer Fuhrer David Frank Fuhrer Jr 38
Palmer Jones Patrick Chris Jones 38
Palmer Pizon Ben Mike Mehalik 42
Palmer Sosso Nicolas Dan Sosso 46
Palmer Littleton Jack Jonny Miles 48
Palmer Littleton Matthew David Mehalick 57
Spieth Omasits Andrew Paul Omasits 42
Spieth Kandravy Ben Brian Dodson 43
Wie Futules Lily Nick Futules 36
Wie Jones Lydia Chris Jones 38
Wie Miller Briannon Brian Miller 46
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