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Jr Team Golf – September 5, 2015 Results

Our first competition of the 2015 Fall Program. Team Scramble – Low Gross by Division. Played on a beautiful warm summer day. Training theme our first week was “Athletic-involving physical activity, strength, balance, and speed. On the Power Tee we focused on learning the athletic action that the body needs to perform to create power and consistency. At the short game area, the focus was on making a consistent stroke and learning to control distance and speed on putts and chips.

Congratulations to all our players for bringing their athletic skills to the competition today. An excellent start to our season!

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Jr Team Golf
Team Scramble
Low Gross by Division
Division Last First S Age Team Score
Palmer Boone Alexander m 17 32
Myers Mac m 16
Meyer Ursula f 16
Fenton Alicia f 15
Palmer Penland Tommy m 15 34
Stariha Jake m 15
Quinn Zach m 14
Duderstadt Tanner m 13
Lewis Cannanbilla Niyati f 10 47
Casey Bianca f 9
Perka Riley f 9
Lewis Futules Lily f 7 41
Suyama Rin m 7
Spieth Meyer Gregor m 14 29
Piper Nick m 13
Pronio Eugene m 13
Spieth Zurisko John m 15 38
Consiglio David m 14
Gillner RJ m 13
Yager Eras f 14
Watson Carmody Jameson m 13 41
Palmer Brett m 13
Friday Luke m 12
Littleton Jack m 12
Watson Rana Navin m 13 30
Leppert Robert m 12
Norris Sam m 12
Stein Dylan m 12
Day Mikus Ben m 11 52
Fye Dhilan m 11
Smith Grant m 10
Day Susnak Troy m 9 38
Santucci Gennaro m 9
Quirke Calder m 9
Tobia Nicholas m 9
Creamer Smith Elena f 11 40
Miller Briannon f 10
Demoise Ella f 9
Kardos Lauren f 10
Creamer Conroy Elizabeth f 12 35
Busch Nina f 11
Drahnak Erin f 11
Busch Mira f 9
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